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What is a one-year Online Mcom degree?

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    What is Online MCOM Degree in one year:

    M.Com involves studying accounting principles, economic theory, money banking systems, trade, business knowledge, policies, and other strategies. Typically, it’s a 2-year program, but UGC-DEB approved universities offer a chance to finish Online Mcom in one year. Those who couldn’t complete the program for any reason after enrolling can also apply. This provides an opportunity for students who initially joined Online MCom degree but didn’t finish to earn their degree through an online one-year program.

    MBA (Masters of Business Administration) takes two years to complete. However, with a one-year degree program, individuals can finish their MBA through options like Breaking study, Lateral entry, and Credit transfer. The goal of the MBA program is to help candidates become experts in different areas of business administration.

    Admission Procedure for a MCOM Online Degree in One Year:

    These are the steps that universities follow in order to accept students for one Online Mcom degree program.


    If you completed the first year of your postgraduate studies from a UGC-DEB approved university and then decided to stop the program, you are eligible to directly join the second year through this procedure.


    Breaking study allows students who left their education after the first or second year to come back and directly join the second year of their academic program.


    If you’ve completed a diploma program, you could be eligible for lateral entry. This allows you to directly join a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in a related field.

    UGC-DEB approved universities for Online Mcom Degree Program:

    As a result, we offer online degrees from UGC (University Grants Commission) and DEB (Distance Education Bureau) accredited institutions. Admissions are available in both online undergraduate degree courses and online postgraduate degree courses. Courses such as online BA, online BBA, online B.COM, online MCOM, online MBA, online BSc IT, and online BSc computer science are also available. Online MA, MCOM, MBA, MCA, MSc IT, MSc computer Science, and other programmes are available. In addition, after online admission, students receive complete online support from our counsellors. In reality, students can enrol straight in an online degree programme based on their area of interest.

    Universities offering Online Mcom Undergraduate Courses include:

    Even when it comes to selecting universities for Mcom, the possibilities are limitless. As a result, it is critical that you conduct your own research on the university. Before enrolling in a course, find out who is giving it in the field you\’re interested in. As a result, we offer online degree certificates from top online distance universities that offer the same course.

    Eligibility for Online MCOM Course:

    Online M.Com degree programs usually follow a semester pattern, which varies based on the university’s exam criteria. To apply for this course, candidates should have completed their bachelor’s in B.Com, BBA, or BA (Economics). Some universities may require a minimum of 50% aggregate in bachelor’s studies. Therefore, it’s advisable for students to conduct their own research and choose the course and Mcom college that aligns with their interests when applying for admission.

    Save time by being a multitasker:

    Furthermore, Online Undergraduate Degree Courses reduce time spent commuting from campus to home. Thus, the time saved can be used to complete other beneficial and productive tasks, allowing you to multitask. As a result, candidates do not need to abandon their jobs in order to complete their online degree programme.

    Future Scope in Online Mcom Degree:

    M.Com is an online learning course where students dive deep into subjects like Accounting, Statistics, Taxation, Economics, Finance, Marketing Management, and more. Graduates with a Master of Commerce degree can explore opportunities in various sectors, as these skills are valuable in every type of organization.

    Job Opportunities:

    Likewise, earning an Online Mcom degree can help you manage accounting tasks in the finance department. Various job opportunities in fields like finance, banking, import-export, and insurance companies become available. If you’re a beginner, consider starting in a small organization even with lower pay. Spend at least six months there before seeking a job in a more established organization where you can advance in both position and salary. After completing your M.Com, you might find roles like Assistant Accountant, Finance Executive, Marketing Executive, and more.

    Top Online Distance Universities PG Courses- 2024

    Course nameYearsEligibility
    M.A (Human Rights)2Graduation
    M.A (Hindi)2Graduation
    M.A (Sanskrit)2Graduation
    M.A (English)2Graduation
    Master of Commerce (M.Com)2Graduation
    M.A (English)2Graduation
    M.A (Political Science)2Graduation
    M.A (History)2Graduation
    M.A (Philosophy)2Graduation
    M.A (Sociology)2Graduation
    M.A (Mathematics)2Graduation
    M.A (Economics)2Graduation
    M.A (Education) 2Graduation
    M.A (Psychology)2Graduation
    M.A (Geography)2Graduation
    M.A (Physical Education)2Graduation
    M.A (Public Administration)2Graduation
    Master of Social Work (M.S.W)2Graduation
    M.Sc Computer Science2Graduation
    M.Sc Information Technology (IT)2Graduation
    M.Sc (Mathematics)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
    M.Sc (Chemistry)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
    M.Sc (Physics)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
    M.Sc (Environment Science)2B.Sc With PCM/PCB
    M.Sc (Biotechnology)2Graduation
    M.Sc (Bioinformatics)2Graduation
    M.A in Yoga and Health Education2Graduation
    M.Sc in Yoga and Health Education2Graduation
    M.A (Tourism Management)2Graduation
    M.A (Advertising & Mass Communication)2Graduation
    M.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)2Graduation
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)(Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Production, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hospital Management, Supply and Chain Management, Operation Management, Information Technology, Banking, Retail Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Disaster Management, Airport Management, Project Management, Rural/Urban Development Management, Hotel Management 2Graduation
    Executive MBA (EMBA)(Human Resource Management, Finance Management, IT Management, Marketing Management, Insurance and Banking, Production and Operation Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Retail Management, Project Management, International Marketing Management)2Graduation + 3 Years work experience

    Top Online Distance Universities PG Diploma Courses- 2024

    Course nameYearsEligibility
    Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management and tourism 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in International Business1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Food Supply Chain Management 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS) 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga and Health Education 1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Administration & Hospitality1Graduation
    PG Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism1Graduation
    PG Diploma in Media Management/ PR & Marketing Communication/ Print Journal / Broadcast/ Advtg. & Event Planning/ Corp Com/Brand Management1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma IN Fashion Designing2B.Sc in Fashion Designing
    Post Graduate Diploma Graphics & Multimedia210th

    Admission Process

    This is the common process to get admission in the Online M.COM Degree.

    • Firstly go to the official Website of that University to which you are looking to take admission.
    • Enroll yourself and fill the Admission form with your details.
    • Upload your all documents in the Form.
    • Applied the application form along with the Enrollment fee (if any).
    • In the next step, Pay the academic fee via the source of payment given on the website.
    • The student will get the final confirmation mail along with the enrollment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Is the Mcom Programme a good program?

    Ans: Yes. In truth, the Mcom program is one of the most reputable courses. Furthermore, the Mcom program is ideal for students interested in careers in commerce, accounting, finance, banking, and so on.

    Q2. What is the best career to get after graduating from college?

    Ans: To begin with, Chartered Accountant is the highest paying career for commerce students; nevertheless, investment banker, certified public accountant, and other positions are also popular.

    Q3. What can I do after completing the Mcom program?

    Ans: Similarly, there are other job paths available following mcom, including Mcom, MBA, Specialization in Business Analytics, LLB, and others.

    Q4. Can I get a government job after finishing my Mcom?

    Ans: Yes. Here are some public sector banking positions that you can apply for after graduating from college. First and foremost, IBPS PO,SBI PO and RBI Grade B officer etc.

    Q5. Which certificates will I receive upon completion of the course?

    Ans: First and foremost, there is the Marksheet.
    Furthermore, a Provisional Degree and a Migration Certificate are required.
    Finally, the original degree at the time of university convocation.

    Q6. What documents are required to apply for a one-year bachelor’s degree?

    Ans: The documents are listed below:

    1. First, a certificate and grade report for class 10
    2. Second, a certificate and mark sheet for the 12th grade.
    3. Furthermore, breaking research proof
    4. Additionally, Address proof
    5. Lastly, a passport-sized photo